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Inspiration & Stories


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A Simple but Crucial Piece of Advice


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Producing Music and Having a Good Time


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Producing My Music in an Old Remote Farm House


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Producing a Soundtrack on a Mountain Top?


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Living Off-Grid in the Swiss Alps | Creative Retreat


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Portrayal of the Creative Process of Music Production

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About Me

My Story

It was in the middle of a music production project in my mid twenties when I realized that this is exactly what I wanted to do. I could no longer imagine working full-time in information technology for the rest of my life…

Instrumental Music

In recent years I created many instrumental pieces.

Here’s a music video that beautifully shows my passion for the whole creation process!

Song Production for Artists

One of my favorite things to do is producing songs with and for other artists!
Whether it’s songwriting, arranging, recording, programming, mixing, mastering…
From the songwriting session to the release day, I am fully committed.

Video Production for Clients

I love using video to tell a story or get a message across.

That’s why I do client projects for NGOs, artists and small companies.

My Own Projects

My journey as a content creator has just begun.
I’m passionate about sharing valuable insight, encouraging people and simply creating beautiful art.
I love it how my friend Raph portrayed me in this music video:

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