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The Music

The Secret Island is a unique musical journey.

Atmospheric sounds and sounds of nature surround the musical highlights, ranging from rock to folk to film music. The six tracks result in a complete final work with a running time of 45 minutes.


Daniel Schmid: Bass
David Plüss: Piano
David Stettler: French Horn
Madlen Küenzi: Recorder
Murielle Küenzi: Cello
Pius Holzer: Drums (Brushes, Drum Rolls)
Simea Amstutz: Vocals
Simeon Holzer: E-Drums
Simon Feuz: Drums
Lukas Leuthold: Mastering
Livia Würsten: Handwritten Titles (Cover, Record Envelope)
Me: Production, Electric Guitar, Acoustic Guitar, Programmed Instruments, Mixing, Art Work

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