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The Music

The Secret Island is a musical journey unlike anything you have probably ever experienced before. 

Atmospheric sounds and sounds of nature surround the musical highlights, ranging from rock to folk to film music. The six tracks result in a complete final work with a running time of 45 minutes.


Daniel Schmid: Bass
David Plüss: Piano
David Stettler: French Horn
Madlen Küenzi: Recorder
Murielle Küenzi: Cello
Pius Holzer: Drums (Brushes, Drum Rolls)
Simea Amstutz: Vocals
Simeon Holzer: E-Drums
Simon Feuz: Drums
Lukas Leuthold: Mastering
Livia Würsten: Handwritten Titles (Cover, Record Envelope)
Me: Production, Electric Guitar, Acoustic Guitar, Programmed Instruments, Mixing, Art Work

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